Strategic Alliances

Our strategic partners

CLMC chain concentrates on strengthening its relations with its various strategic partners of individuals and companies who represent expertise houses from the United Arab Emirates and around the world considering that all are working for achievement of one goal which is development of corporate performance through integration and unification of efforts to realize the objectives. Some of our strategic partners are:

  • Mediterranean Business Academy- Tunisia
  • Arab Organization for management, development and human progress – Tunisia
  • International Islamic Arbitration and Conciliation Center – Dubai
  • Future Job Development Center – Egypt
  • International Center for building Human Capabilities –Sudan

Our Team Experts

  • Training expert Dr. Mahir Khadir (PhD. Training and Business Management- International professional Trainer)
  • Dr. Maha Mahgoub (International Professional Trainer)
  • Mr. Saleh Al Amin – an expert professional trainer for intellectual property
  • Dr. Al Tayeb Abdul Jaleel (PhD. In legislative and Organizational Industry)
  • Dr. Abdul Sattar Al Khuwaildi (PhD. in Law – expert in Islamic Finance an arbitration- Professional
  • Dr. Duraid Al Haj Ahmed (PhD. International Commercial law – International professional trainer)
  • Managerial Expert/ Al Sadek Mahgoub
  • The Italian Advisor/ Marco Galdini
  • The German Advisor/ Thomas Man
  • The Italian Advisor/ Paolo Simon

It is worth mentioning that our clients represent many organizations and establishments in both the public and private sectors including the none profit organizations, for example, but not limited to:

  • Al Buraq Group – United Arab Emirates
  • Sudanese Roads and Traffic Academy
  • Ras Al Khaimah Roads and Traffic Academy
  • 1 Info Company- United Arab Emirates
  • Sands Group- United Arab Emirates
  • Falcon Aviation- United Arab Emirates
  • Thawabit International – Sudan
  • Joint Burger Company- United Arab Emirates
  • Redico –Bin Juma Ready Mix
  • Diamond Porcelain- Sudan
  • Ras Al Khaimah Ceramic Company
  • Cofti Tea, Coffee and Packaging Group –UAE- Sudan
  • Ras Al Khaimah Ceramic Company- Sudan Branch
  • REDCO Bin Juma Ready Mix Concrete - United Arab Emirates- Abu Dhabi
  • High Class Company – Sharjah
  • Al Baraka Group – KSA
  • Ministry of Human Development – Sultanate of Oman
  • Crown Tiles Company for Integrated Solutions