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Administrative and Legal Training Services

CLMC has established an independent department and vested it the responsibility to provide training program to our clients in various fields. The department, however, focuses mainly on designing and developing training courses, workshops and seminars in the administrative and legal fields. The objective behind adopting these programs is to help CLMC clients heighten the capabilities and skills of their human resources in the said fields.

The training programs are presented by a highly qualified team of experts with extensive experience in the fields of business administration and law. These programs target intermediate as well as high ranking executive offices in both public and private sectors.

We also participate in development of the UAE work force through providing specially directed training courses towards the work to conform to the Emiratization initiatives. These programs are designed an implements according to requirement of governmental authorities in general and the private organizations in particular whereas candidates are elected by all relevant parties.

Due to interest of the establishments and companies in the training operations and increase of the executed programs, the training department at continental started to study the project of developing their training programs which were subjected to continual development that has lead to creation of new and updated programs that shall realizes more positive results such as: capability to increase effectiveness of training for efficiency development and concentrate on training on the required awareness and capabilities necessary tor performing job assignments without interaction as well as investing the trainers and the trainee's times effectively through achieving goals of training and realization of higher degree of analogy between the trainees in terms of function, knowledge and expertise and achievement high degree of response to needs of the trainees from the governmental and private organizations (programs package attached)

Targets were set out to reach the highest standards of quality, innovation and continual progress for the clients and the participant. We also aim to develop our clients to the levels that they deserve through:

  • Provision of consultancy in all legal aspects in addition to consultancy about the rational governance and the companies
  • Provision of consultancy, administrative and technical studies in the fields of human resources management, organizational development, organizing, restructuring and development of corporations and establishing of developed managerial and legal systems
  • Design and implement the training programs for human resources development and provision of assessment and measurement services for training effectiveness and impact measurement
  • Establish and enhance capabilities through organizing continuous training programs for job qualification
  • Teach business pioneering and small projects management
  • Qualify organizations in effective implementation of the training programs
  • Equip corporations with professionally qualified staff who are distinguished by better performance through acquiring knowledge and updated trends in their aspects of work.
  • Assist the corporations to obtain added value from their staff and encourage them to reach apex of the best performance and direct them to achieve utmost success and effectiveness and ideal performance (Zero Defect)
  • Participate in development of distinctive generation capable to assume development.
  • Cooperate with international, regional and local institutions in the field of training and share ideas.
  • Participate in spreading the culture of training and investing human resources
  • Support and foster self-development programs through enhancement of the applied training.
  • Continuous development of the training programs and holding qualitative debates and conferences
  • Commitment to integration between the consultancy and training services
  • Support and encourage researches and scientific studies that are relevant to legal and managerial aspects.
  • Validate the role of training consultancy and assessment before and after the training program

We enhance our efforts to achieve our objectives (Elements of achieving the objectives)

  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Plan
  • Implementation
  • Concentration
  • Discipline
  • Will
  • Patience
  • Commitment
  • Accomplishment