About Us

Continental Legal and Management Service (CLMC) is a professional integrated organization the object of which is to offer a variety of professional services to business clients. The services CLMC provides includes, but are not limited to, legal consultations, administrative studies, administration development, management and corporate governance, in addition to training in all such fields.

Based in Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E., CLMC has branches in several other countries of the region (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Sudan). Over the past 10 years, CLMC has succeed in establishing strong affiliations and associations with similar organizations in European countries, namely Germany and Italy. CLMC has also been able to win the cooperation of a considerable number of international trading countries offering the services in several countries around the globe.

Our Mission

CLMC’s basic mission is to offer the highest possible standard and quality of professional solutions to its business clients in the fields of legal and administrative consultations. CLMC is committed to ensure that its clients be able to avail of and benefit from the latest standards and practices implemented in the said sectors. The ultimate objective behind this is to enable all such business sectors and individual attain international recognition and accreditation in the various business activities they are engaged in.

Our Vision

CLMC endeavor at all times to be the best choice for those who pursue innovative and expertise solutions for the entity needs in the legal and administrative spheres. CLMC has particular interest in assisting government and private sector organizations to improve the standard and quality of their services as far as such services relate to our line of specialization.

Our Objective

We strongly believe that sustainable quality should always rank first. Therefore, it’s a matter of absolute commitment to an ultimate objective of CLMC to render most unique and distinguished services to its business clients.